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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Life and people can be strange and amazing!!

5Th November 2012

Life and people can be strange and amazing!!

I remember when we got TV back in the 80’s – everyone’s social skills seem to fly out of the window. People were SO enthralled at this new medium that they did not have the decency to switch it off when you came to visit. Instead, their eyes were glued to the box and they did not hear a word which was being said by anyone else. Now it has got even worse ...... they ask you to come and visit, then spend all the time chatting to people on FB, Twitter or whatever else they are on, as well as sending text messages on the phone. How very rude and inconsiderate!! I only need to get that once from a person and I never go there again. I am so pleased that I was taught manners and decency by my parents.

Some people also seem to think that I am having great fun and adventure when this is very far from the truth. If this was, many, many people would be doing it and I cannot find any other person living like this. I have lived a tough life but this is by far the toughest thing I have ever done. I am open to the elements, experiencing extremely hot and cold weather, when it rains everything is wet, I am far away from shops and cannot buy anything fresh. There is not a soul I know who would be able to live like this for more than a couple of weeks, so don’t envy me please.

7Th November 2012

This was really a great day for me as far as finding interesting subjects. Someone at the lodge brought me a scorpion with a damaged tail and as it was a species I have not been able to find and photograph before, I was pleased to get this one. I also found an Acacia Katydid which I have long been after and a Roman Spider!! (These are not true spiders but belong to the Order Solifugae) Since a child of about 7-8 years old, I have been terrified of only one thing and that is these spiders!! They run at you to get into your shadow and are large and hairy!! One time, as I was about to get into my bed, one came crawling out from between my sheets and there was absolutely NO WAY I would sleep in there!! My mother had to change the sheets and then I was still leery to climb into bed. Another time when one came dashing towards me and I jumped about three feet onto a chair which toppled over!! It is the once time in my life I remember ever screaming in fright. These spiders were as big as my hand and I was only 7-8 remember!! Needless to say, now that I body and hands have grown, they are not as big as I remember but still a good 4-5cm in body length and FAST ...... you will not believe what it took to catch this one!! Anyway, I will put it on my blog soon.

The whole day has been very windy and slightly cooler that it has been. Last night huge storm clouds came up and I thought we were in for a good one but nothing materialized. Maybe this wind will blow one up??

8th November 2012

My goodness!! What a storm that was!! We sure did need the rain though so I am not complaining but at one stage I thought the lightening was going to strike the tent it was so close. This morning is still slightly overcast and I have an idea that more rain is on the way.

9th November 2012

As they say, be careful what you wish for as it might come true!! It is now very early morning 04:35am and it has rained for 36 hours. The rain is lovely and I do not mind it at all but it has been freezing cold as well and you all know how much I hate getting cold!! I have woken up with the sniffles .... can you imagine ....... catching a cold in November?? I was so cold that I had a blanket, duvet and another blanket folded double over me and eventually got up to put some socks on!! What happened to that wonderful summer which started near the end of August when I was a child and the beautiful warm summer rain?? This planet is really messed up weather wise isn’t it?? Someone who arrived here said that a bit south of here they had a very bad hail storm with stones as large as tennis balls and it has caused a lot of damage to houses and crops. There goes our summer fruit off the trees!!

I spent yesterday indoor the whole day processing photos I have taken to date and there are some really lovely specimens. I need to get them done so I can get on with the next patch I am hunting in but it is definitely too wet out there. It is too early to see what the day is going to be like but hopefully it will warm up some.