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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The best thing of all.....

20th October 2012

With all this packing and sorting, I discovered the best thing of all .... NO MORE IRONING CLOTHES!!!!!!! Now I can just wash them and were them creased as there is no one to see. Who discovered ironing anyway? They should be shot!!! LOL!! LOL!! How society decrees what we should and shouldn’t do with our lives!! Now, all their laws and rules do not apply to me anymore, I can do exactly as I want to!! WOW!! What an awesome thought!! I can even walk around naked and not wear clothes at all!! Now THAT is a magnificent idea!! That way I won’t have any washing either!! LOL!!

30th October, 2012

Well tomorrow is D-Day for me and I am off into the wild blue yonder – well actually right now it is the dark blue yonder. We are having very heavy storms with a lot of hail and I wonder how it will affect me?

Tomorrow I have my last use of a bathroom. Can you imagine not having a bath or toilet ever again?? I am sure that I will get by though so it is not a big worry to me. No fridge to keep things cold either. I balance doing without these things against all the pleasures I will have and they by far outweigh the loss of those few things.

I will be waking up in time to make my coffee and watch the sky get lighter and the sun come up. I will see a million stars at night. Be able to listen to the cricket and the frogs at night with no sound of motorbikes, cars or people to intrude on my peace and quiet. How damn WONDERFUL!! Love the thought of being able to hear the owls again and watch the moon dance across the sky. What absolute luxury!!