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Friday, October 19, 2012

Only two things I'll miss

This place is a mess!! There are boxes, suitcases and piles of things everywhere. This pile has to be given away, that pile must be kept, this one is to be sold. There are boxes half packed then there are things I put in one box and change to another. This has to be done so carefully. Some things I will use on a daily bases and need to be easy to get to, others are replacements for things which I will never be able to buy again if I get rid of them now, but I know I will need them sometime. Some things have to go in the car and some in the trailer ........ on and on .......

I guess that once I am on the road things will sort themselves out eventually but I would hate to on the road be having to scratch to find something I need but thought I didn’t. I am trying to anticipate my requirements but who knows what I will be needing a few weeks or months down the line? Shall I keep this, will I need that? How would I know as I have never done this before!! JI have probably packed a whole lot more than I will need anyway and will either get rid of it when I try to get it all into my car or 6 months down the line if I have not used it by then.
 There are only two things I am really, really going to miss and the first on that list is my bath!! This is something I use in the Japanese way: extremely hot both winter and summer and then I sit and relax in it until it cools down, wash and get out. It is my time to get rid of stress and strain. Now I have a rubber bag which I will fill with water, put it somewhere in the sun to heat the contents, hang it up in a tree, put a basin under it to stand in and have a shower. Sounds awful doesn’t it?? Well beggars can’t be choosers and it is either that or bathe with the crocodiles. LOL!!

The second thing is pizza!! Oh my!! It has been my staple diet for about 5 years now and living in the bush with no shops nearby, it is going to be hard tack or army rations for me from now on. About the only time I will get something fresh is maybe once a month when I go through a town.
Slowly but surely things are coming together and with only 10 days to go before I leave, there is not much time left. I am still working three days a week so have to fit everything in on the few days off. With all of this going on, I have not had much time for going out to find new things to post so have to make do with what I have.

Today we have had a lot of short hail storms and the weather has not been good this past week. I wonder about setting off on my trip: Will it still be raining or will it improve? Will I be able to set up my tent or will the winds blow it away? Can I keep things dry and out of the rain or will it leak in somewhere and damage something? So many questions and for now, I don’t have any answers ...... and you were thinking I am going be having fun????? LOL!!